Seller FAQ

What is is an online bidding site and phone app operated by Bang Auctions that allows for bidding competition among potential buyers, creating the highest possible returns for sellers.

What types of auctions do you offer?

Bang Auctions offers online auctions, live Auctions with simultaneous online bidding, and sealed bids. Each auction is specifically designed for the needs of seller.

What costs are associated with hiring Bang Auctions?

In most cases the buyer pays our commission in the form of a buyer’s premium and there are no other fees.  Is the seller chooses to use our more comprehensive marketing strategy there may an additional advertising fee.

Should I set a Reserve on the property?

Our experience is that an absolute auction attracts more potential buyers because the buyers know the property is going to sell the day of the auction.  Bang Auctions makes sure all the research and advertising are completed well in advance of the auction and this gives the bidders more confidence when making a bid. 

Sellers are sometimes worried they are going to possibly give their property away at an absolute auction.  Over the course of my real estate career, I have never seen a property given away at an auction. If you want to set a reserve Bang Auctions will analyze your property and work with you on setting a reserve price on your property. 

How am I protected if the final bid is below the reserve?

In a reserve sale, you have the ability to reject or counter the final bid. If we cannot make a deal with the winning bidder then we will list the property for a period of time after the event. We are in the sales business and many of our sales are put together after an auction. We utilize the momentum from the event to make the eventual sale for you.