Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

The team at Bang Auctions will devise a focused 30 to 45 day marketing campaign.  Bang Auctions’ national market presence, state of the art auction software, and innovative marketing will convey the best features of your property and bidders will bid with confidence.

  • Internet Advertising:  Your property will be prominently displayed on our website and marketed throughout the United States.  Beyond pushing the listing to third-party websites like, Zillow, and Redfin; we generate social media campaigns to expose your property to buyers locally and nationally.  Our marketing campaigns cast a wide net of exposure and deliver maximum results.
  • Email Blasts:  Potential buyers register on our site every day and want to be notified of our next auction.  In addition, we have compiled a large data base of buyers who request our auction email updates.
  • Phone Campaigns:  The team at Bang Auctions will research who is the most likely buyer for your property based on your property’s characteristics.  We will personally reach out to these buyers.  We also call all bidders registered for an auction and send email reminders 24 hours before the end of the auction to ensure all bidders have your property at the top of their mind.
  • Direct Mail:  Surprisingly, direct mail is effective today because fewer and fewer companies use mail advertisements.  The specifically targeted buyers from Bang Auctions’ database and strategically developed list of potential buyers will receive our professionally created brochures, again getting your listing in front of the right buyers.
  • Signage:  Attractive, large, and highly visible signs will be placed on the property announcing the sale date and time, as well as the auction website and general information.

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