Institutional Sellers

Beyond providing nationwide real estate auction and brokerage services, Bang Auctions also offers the following services to attorneys and institutional clients:

1. PSO (Private Sale Officer)

Brian Brockman has the knowledge, background, and capabilities to act as a PSO in the state of Ohio.  Bang Auctions is a member of nearly all of Ohio’s local real estate boards and covers the entire state of Ohio.  We offer clients the distinct advantage of working with just one brokerage and auctioneer, while simultaneously offering statewide coverage.  We deliver big firm coverage with small business attention.


Bang Auctions has experience listing CWCOT properties for several clients in over 12 states.Unlike our competitors who provide only auction services, Bang Auctions provides brokerage operations and services in these states as well.

3. Receivership

Bang Auctions has experience managing multiple types of distressed real estate.  Brian Brockman and his team will provide an analysis and value, and manage the property through disposition.  We have experience managing Multi-Family, Mixed Use, Office, Industrial, Retail, HOAs, and Mobile Home Parks.

4. Bankruptcy-Liquidation Auctions

Beyond selling only real estate, and its mobile bidding platform is built to sell personal property as well as real estate.  Whether it is inventory, equipment, or any other assets, we can take possession, inventory, assess the value, and auction the assets.